Olivier Dumaine

Crozes-Hermitage ‘La Croix du Verre’ Red


Full red colour. The nose is starting to emerge, bears a solid depth of black fruits, some varnish, an oiliness. It needs another nine months to expand and vary further. The palate is closely knit, thorough, centres on compressed black juice with some toffee style tannin in the mix late on. This is a guarded, serious wine that time will coax more out of. The fundamentals are sound, it has a steady heartbeat. 14°. From late 2018. 2024-25

Jonathan Livingston Learmonth FOUR STARS OUT OF FIVE Nov 2017

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Crozes-Hermitage ‘La Croix du Verre’ blanc

100% Marsanne


Full yellow robe. The bouquet is compact, lies in wait, doesn’t reveal openly today: there’s a little saltiness, with a butter, almond duo, a note of white peach. The palate bears sound richness that continues with a steady delivery into a classic Marsanne grip close, a nice firmness there. This is authentic Crozes blanc, with a little style in its neat bundle of richness on the white fruited close. Thru 2023-2024

Johnathan Livingston-Learmoth. Drink Rhone. Dec 2018

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Saint Joseph

100% Syrah



Dark red. The fruit on the nose has a fruit lozenge, pastille quality, combines loganberry with mulberry fruit. The palate bears wavy black fruits with a fleshy style to the tannins, reaches out well into a slightly grilled conclusion. The length is well assured, the close on red berry fruits, raspberry. This has sound heart, will drink from 2019. 13.5°. 2024-25

Johnathan Livingston-Learmoth. Drink Rhone. Nov 2017

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