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What’s New

Post harvest fun at Capitain-Gagnerot:

Harvest at Elio Sandri:

Towards Serralunga from Elio Sandri during harvest:

2021 wines in barrel in the cellars of Domaine du Prieure in Savigny les Beaune:

Steady hands of Patrice Capitain at Capitain-Gagnerot in the cellars:

A quick visit by a friend with Anne Foucher of Comte de Lauze, in Montmarte in Paris, mid October 2021:

Jean-Luc and Marie-Lise have brought into the cellars the Syrah hand harvested late September 2021:

The 2021 harvest has entered the cellars of Olivier and Maryline Dumaine, in Larnage.

Jancis Robinson recently reviewed Marie Copinet Champagne

A great honor to announce the acknowledgment of Marie Copinet by the Minister of Agriculture and Foods.

This distinction was granted to Marie for all the professional commitment she has been leading for years to defend the values of winegrowers, her terroirs and the ecological and organic commitment carried out on the estate.

Chrystelle and Christophe share a glass and good cheer in the village of Rosieres

Short stroll in a parcel at Domaine de Couron

Marie-Lise captured nature awaking from her winter slumber in a parcel of Grenache

Stephen and Lucie are plowing in their parcel of Hautes Cotes de Beaune:

Marie Copinet had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed, in celebration of International Women’s Day, recently.

In early March, Lucie and Stephen were at work tying the vines at Domaine du Prieure, in Savigny les Beaune.

Watch Jeremy (a Nirvana fan) label bottles in the cellars at Marie Copinet Champagne

Pascale has share her Chicken in red wine sauce, or “Coq au Vin” which she pairs with Domaine du Prieure 1er Cru Haut Jarrons. Sante!

Pascale graciously shared her recipe of Scalloped Potato gratin, or “Gratin Dauphinois”, paired with Domaine du Prieure Les Grands Picotin. Yum !

Pierre-Francois & Julie at Domaine Capitain Gagnerot have been elected “Best wine makers of the year” by French winebook “Guide Hachette” 2021 edition. This is a well deserved recognition for a job well done, keeping the family tradition while working in Organic and biodynamic viticulture. We are so proud to be representing them in the USA! Bravo!!!

What is this week’s cellar treasure ? How about the 2007 Prieure Savigny blanc from Yvonne, Jean-Michel and Stephen Maurice ? Chiselled, fresh with a basket of white fruits was the flavour profile…

Daniela Sandri makes a delicious hand stuffed Raviolo which is a perninnial favourite in the Sandri household. She says’s it pairs beautifully with their etheral Langhe Nebbiolo.

I had the pleasure of an Instagram Live interview with none other than the distinguished Gina Lyons, tasting and evaluting the Champagne House of Marie Copinet Champagne…


Lucie, Stephen, Yvonne and Jean-Michel have brought in the bounty from harvest. The lieut-dit, ‘Narbatons‘ their sliver of ‘1er Cru Haut Jarrons‘ are in the background of the image.

Passed from Giovanni Sandri to Elio Sandri. These ancient fermentation tanks were cut into the hillside in Monforte decades ago. Temperature control through the cooling of mother earth.

Need an idea for a new dish? Marie-Lise Dorthe makes a scrumptious Carrot and Ginger soup, which pairs beautifully with her Domaine de Couron Marselan !

A joyous harvest at Capitain-Gagnerot



Viognier at Couron, the day before harvest.

Marie Copinet shared a video of the June 2020 bottling of her Champagnes:

Stephen Maurice at Domaine du Prieure shared with us his favorite recipe to pair with his Savigny Gollardes or Moutier Amet

Yvonne share her favorite pairing, Savigny blanc with Scallops in cream sauce.

Maryline and Olivier Dumaine shared a menu which pairs beautifully with their Crozes-Hermitage

Marie-Lise has shared one of her delicious recipes, one of which has certainly contributed to my weight gain in recent years: Fried Eggplant in tomato sauce.

After a day of working in the vineyards, Jean-Luc has plenty of energy to assist Marie-Lise to prepare one of his favorite dishes: Monkfish in terrine sauce with shrimp.

Marie Copinet shared a recipe for Chicken cooked in Champagne. Pares beautifully with her Extra Quality NV

Christelle of Domaine du Grangeon share the favorite dish in her household:Beef tartar with black olives and blueberry vinegar.

Bon Appetit!