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What’s New

A gathering of a group of friends to share this cellar treasure; 2007 Prieure Savigny blanc. Bravo Jean-Michel and Yvonne!

Enjoy a quick tractor ride with the Marchisio family amongst rolling vineyard parcels in Castellinado:

Tiziana captured Cab franc as it emerges at Poggio Mori;

Delphine Capitain captured vines as they emerged at 1er Cru Ladoix Grechon et Foutrieres:

Elio Sandri shared this beautiful plant along with ancient Olive Trees in Monforte with arrival of Spring in Piedmont:

Marie-Lise shared a clip of a Doe grazing at Couron this morning;

Nature gave us a splendid dash of sunshine in the village of Ladoix, at the base of the Corton hillside.

Anne Foucher shared this image of her parcel of Grenache at the lieu-dit Carbieres in Chateauneuf du Pape.

Marie-Lise shared this image of a quickly approaching Spring at Domaine de Couron.

Marie-Lise and Jean-Luc Dorthe at Domaine de Couron are humbled to be awarded a Gold Medal for their 2022 Marselan at the Concours Général Agricole Pendant de L’Agricole a Paris;

Stephen shared this photo of Les Gollardes, his jewel of a parcel of Pinot Noir in the village of Savigny les Beaune.

Sophie manually ‘aerating’ Poisot Pernand-Vergelesses en Caradeax:

Sophie, Remi and Pierre Poisot loading Corton-Charlemagne harvest into the press:

Remi and family harvest their corner parcel of Romanee Saint Vivant, eight feet from the mythical Romanee Conti:

Corton-Bressandes at Domaine Poisot, in the cellars at the village of Aloxe-Corton

Stephen Maurice shared these series of pictures taken minutes apart: his sun kissed parcel of Les Gollardes, whilst his portion of Les Lavieres is bathed in fog;

Marie-Lise shared this image of the sunset at Couron, in the direction southeast towards Mont Blanc, which is visible on a clear day.

Lorenzo Machisio and family celebrate to complete this years harvest at Cascina del Pozzo.

Skilled hands harvesting Barbera in Castillando at Cascina del Pozzo

October brought a gathering with close friends to share these cellar treasures. Hark back to moments in your life from 2004 and 2007;

Jacques and Brigette I tip my hat to you, twice. Brigette, thank you for bringing two children into this world. Jacques, thank you for being a great father, role model and teacher to Marie Copinet.

Victoire Copinet leads the charge on the tractor during this years harvest.

Chrystel and Christophe contemplate at Domaine du Grangeon.

Olivier brings this years harvest of Marsanne for Croix du Verre blanc into the cellar.

Pierre Capitain and team at work in the cellars at Capitain-Gagnerot.

Marie Copinet and her team began harvest before sunrise in the village of Cuchery at Marie Copinet Champagne.

Anne Foucher and her team harvested their plot of Chateauneuf du Pape prior sunrise in early September.

Pierre Capitain and his team harvested their plot of Quartier de Marei of Clos Vougeot in early September.

Stephen Maurice and his team up bright and early harvested at Prieure:

Alberto and his team harvest Nebbiolo at Cascina Barac:

Pierre Capitain and his team harvest 1er Cru Ladoix Grechon et Foutrieres parcel near the top of the Corton hill:

Pierre Capitain and his team are harvesting their portion of Vosne-Romanee aux Raviolles in early September:

Marie-Lise and Jean-Luc were up bright and early this morning at Couron, ensuring the Grenche blanc retains acidity and balance:

Pierre Capitain and his team begin bring the 2023 harvest into the family cellars.

Elio shared this image of a stroll in the parcel of Nebbiolo, on a tranquil stroll during mid-June.

Marie-Lise shared this dramatic photo of storms which visited Couron the 2nd week of June.

Marie and Alexandre have raised their “Cuvee Argilla Villonissa” in the same material in which the vines grow! This Blanc de Blancs is from the villages of Villenauxe les Grande.

Cellar Treasures

2003 Prieure 1er Cru Savigny les Beaune les Haut Jarrons cellared since Spring 2005. This cellar treasure was shared with Cathy, Mark and close friends in Ennis, Montana on 13 April 2023. Twenty-years after the harvest this wine was fresh fruited, medium-full and just hitting its lengthy stride. Defying the vagarity of time. Bravo Jean-Michel and Yvonne Maurice. Bravo!

Did you know?

“Sertorius” was the Etruscan warrior who proclaimed the name for the village “Sarteano”. Poggi Mori is based in Sarteano and wines have been cultivated here since antiquity.


Cellar Treasures

2004 Capitain-Gagnerot Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru cellared since Spring 2006. This cellar treasure was shared with Cathy, Mark and close friends in Ennis, Montana on 13 April 2023. Nineteen-years after the harvest this wine was chiseled, nervous and fresh. Defying the vagarity of time. Bravo Patrice and Michael Capitain. Bravo!

Giorgio Pira and his family just released a small quantity of 2013 Barolo “Laut” from this single 1,2 hectare parcel. The wines departed the family cellars late February and arrived in our Seattle warehouse late March. We tasted the wines in 2018 and Giorgio was kind enough to hold them until they reached the opening of their drinking window.

Parcel Barolo Laut
Parcel Barolo Laut


Marie Copinet enhances her Champagne in Clay

The Maison Champagne Marie Copinet from the Sezannais region experimented two new cuvees of chardonnay, with and without bubbles, raised in clay eggs.

The little village of Villenauxe la Grande in the Sezannais was, a long time ago, more well known for its clay to make stoneware than for its champagne.  In the middle of the 19th century, the stoneware from the factory of Sarreguemines had a great reputation and was much sought after. The Maison Copinet decided to go back in time in re-using the local clay for vinification and raising their chardonnays. The village had several quarries where the clay was extracted in the 20th century and this clay was renowned for its purity, says Marie Laure Kowal-Copinet, who started the winery with her husband, Alexandre Kowal, as independent winegrowers. The last quarry closed in 2015 and we bought the leftover stocks of clay. Marie, who is from this village, values heritage, and the terroir. The Kowal’s worked with a start-up company in Limoges which had the capacity to bake and heat the clay at various temperatures to make the first five eggs of 225 Liters.

Finally, the eggs baked at 1260 degrees were the most interesting to maintain the champagne pressure, while protecting the exchange between the inside and the container.  The press and the vinification still take place in the vats before raising the wine for 11 months in the eggs with zero dosage.  A 100 % chardonnay, pure and delicate, floral with notes of white fruits, verbena, lemon, herbal tea, and with creamy bubbles and salty finish.  This cuvee for this first vintage was baptized “Argilla Villonissa” from the village old name. It comes with a carafe in an enameled stoneware of 1,5 Liter to accentuate the oxygenation. When used to serve, it generates “less effervescence but protect the aromas and bring softness to the bubble” says Marie. The 5th egg was reserved for the Coteaux Champenois, knowing that the same base chardonnay, without the second fermentation, is round and mineral, fruity and aromatic with the same salty finish.

The Maison Marie Copinet ( from Marie Laure’s maiden name) was created in 2016, with some scattered family vineyards and those from Alexandre, whose grandfather was also winemaker.  The couple now owns 9 ha ( 7, 5 are theirs), between the Sezannais, la Cote des Bar, the Marne Valley and the Ardre valley.  “My parents decided to become winegrowers when the vineyards in Sezannais started developing in the 70s”, says Marie Laure. Later, after studying viticulture/oenology, she decided to start her own “House” with Alexandre.  They built an ultramodern cellar in 2016 and commercialize about 70,000 bottles per year. The last challenge was to move to Organic, started in 2017, and granted in 2021.    Published by Frédérique Hermine, in Terre de Vins, 25 July 2022

——– ———— ———- ————- ————– ————– ————-

The local paper in Saint Marcel d’Ardeche celebrated the two Gold Medals from the Salon International de L’Agriculture in Paris March 2023;

The Salon de l’Agriculture was held last week, as scheduled every year since 1900. Marie-Lise and Jean-Luc at Couron were recognized with two Gold Medals: One for the upcoming 2022 Couron Rose and yet another for the 2021 Couron Cotes du Rhone;

Stephen Maurice was in Dijon last week, promoting the savoir-faire of Domaine du Prieure, the fifth-generation steward of this venerated family estate in Savigny les Beaune.

An archivist in Saint Marcel d’Ardeche revealed the translation of a document, dated 1559 AD. The translation is as follows:

Squire of Saint Marcel, begs brother Guirard de la Tour, commander of Jales and Saint Jean de Trignan, to give him permission and

license to be able to pass his wool and Chabrun cattle between the soil of the said commander and the land of Couron, coming from

the great chemin ferrat and pulling on the terroir of Granolhet. The commander gives it license without the aforesaid de le Roque being able to

graze his cattle there. Deed passed at the terrior of Saint Jean near the Chateau.

Terrior would equate to “Land” or “Parcel”

The INAO has recognized the dedication and diligence of the Dorthe family, amongst others, with the “Cru” designation of Saint Andeol for the Cotes du Rhone Villages.

The four villages of Saint-Marcel, Saint-Just, Saint-Martin d’Ardèche and Bourg-Saint-Andéol, in select vineyards, will now be labelled: Côtes du Rhône Villages Saint-Andéol

Its current name dates back to the 15th century, when the village was renamed in honour of Saint Andeolus, a local saint martyred in 208 AD. Historic monuments abound, including 15th century houses and fountains, while religious buildings – chapels, churches and the Bishops’ Palace built for the bishops of Viviers – attest to a significant number of local saints. 

This Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah blend is profound, yet lithe, full-flavored, but not heavy.

Saint-Andéol | Vins Rhône (vins-rhone.com)

Cellar work at Domaine de Couron bring in this year’s bounty.

Marie Copinet reviews a healthy, bountiful harvest at Copinet Champagne

Stephen and his team at an early morning harvest at the family parcel in Lavieres

Pierre and his team at an early morning harvest at the family parcel in Echezeaux.

Jean-Luc works towards putting the delicious glass of 2022 Rose in your hand.

Christophe and son inspect vines at Domaine du Grangeon

Marie-Lise was at a market in Saint Marcel d’Ardeche, for local cheese which pairs with the much-coveted Couron Cotes du Rhone Villages blanc. A refreshing respite from the summer heat.

Elio Sandri shared the following image whilst walking among his vines, at dusk

Two good finds invited me to dinner last week. Perfect opportunity to check on the status of this lovely cellar treasure, the 2010 Couron Cuvee Marie Dubois:

Marie-Lise, Jean-Luc and little Melissa replanted Bourboulenc and Grenache Blanc at Couron recently:

James Suckling paid a visit to the ever-hospitable Marie and Alexandre at Marie Copinet Champagne and came away as most, thoroughly impressed with their dedication and passion;

Marie Copinet Champagne Chardonnay Brut Nature NV

A fresh, mineral Champagne with aromas of dried apples, biscuits, lemons and chalk. Light-to medium-bodied with vibrant acidity and fine bubbles. Crisp and bone-dry. Drink now.

                     91 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne Brut Nature NV

Baked raspberries, dried strawberries, hazelnuts, cocoa and quince on the nose. It’s medium-bodied with a flavorful, ripe palate. Soft bubbles. Round finish. Pinot noir and pinot meunier. Drink now.

                     91 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne Meunier Brut Nature NV

Pretty nose of sliced apples, nectarines, grapefruit zest, biscuits and pastries. It’s medium-bodied with tangy acidity and soft, fine bubbles. Crisp, zesty and dry. Drink now.

                     90 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Coteaux Champenois EA Rouge 2018

 A pretty nose of sour cherries, dried flowers, cranberries, lemons, smoke and undergrowth. Medium-bodied with sleek tannins and bright acidity. Crunchy and precise with mineral character and a tangy finish. Pinot noir. Drink now or hold.

                     91 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Coteaux Champenois EA Blanc 2016

 Aromas of white flowers, lemons, white pears, crushed stones and sea shells. Medium-bodied with sharp acidity and a stony, mineral palate. Crisp, lightly biscuity and saline. Pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. Drink now.

                               90 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne Pinot Noir Brut Nature NV

 A fresh, medium-bodied Champagne with attractive aromas of raspberries, cherry clafoutis, toast, walnuts and pomelos. Fine, tight bubbles. Focused, with a mineral, subtly toasty finish. Dry. Drink now.

                     91 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne EA Les Charmois Brut Nature NV

Aromas of lemon zest, white apricots, biscuits, praline and almonds. It’s medium-bodied with fine bubbles. Rich and biscuity style. Leesy character with lingering almond notes. 100% chardonnay. Drink now.

91 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne Au Détour du Sézannais Extra Brut NV

Spiced pears, baked apples, lemons, crumble, toasted vanilla, honey, praline and white cocoa on the nose. It’s medium-bodied with a delicious, layered and flavorful palate, framed by silky bubbles and fresh acidity. 100% chardonnay. Drink now.

                     92 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022

Marie Copinet Champagne La Croix du Balai Extra Brut NV

Nectarines, apricots, custard, honey and sweet pastries on the nose. It’s medium-bodied with a creamy mousse. Round and caressing. Pretty honey and ripe stone-fruit notes linger. 100% pinot meunier. Drink now.

                      92 Points   James Suckling.com    Jan 2022


Stephen Maurice shared this image of the 1er Cru Lavieres parcel, looking southeast towards Savigny les Beaune

Late January at Olivier Dumaine, vines are in their winter slumber

Post harvest fun at Capitain-Gagnerot:

Harvest at Elio Sandri:

Towards Serralunga from Elio Sandri during harvest:

2021 wines in barrel in the cellars of Domaine du Prieure in Savigny les Beaune:

Steady hands of Patrice Capitain at Capitain-Gagnerot in the cellars:

A quick visit by a friend with Anne Foucher of Comte de Lauze, in Montmarte in Paris, mid October 2021:

Jean-Luc and Marie-Lise have brought into the cellars the Syrah hand harvested late September 2021:

The 2021 harvest has entered the cellars of Olivier and Maryline Dumaine, in Larnage.

Jancis Robinson recently reviewed Marie Copinet Champagne

A great honor to announce the acknowledgment of Marie Copinet by the Minister of Agriculture and Foods.

This distinction was granted to Marie for all the professional commitment she has been leading for years to defend the values of winegrowers, her terroirs and the ecological and organic commitment carried out on the estate.

Chrystelle and Christophe share a glass and good cheer in the village of Rosieres

Short stroll in a parcel at Domaine de Couron

Marie-Lise captured nature awaking from her winter slumber in a parcel of Grenache

Stephen and Lucie are plowing in their parcel of Hautes Cotes de Beaune:

Marie Copinet had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed, in celebration of International Women’s Day, recently.

In early March, Lucie and Stephen were at work tying the vines at Domaine du Prieure, in Savigny les Beaune.

Watch Jeremy (a Nirvana fan) label bottles in the cellars at Marie Copinet Champagne

Pascale has share her Chicken in red wine sauce, or “Coq au Vin” which she pairs with Domaine du Prieure 1er Cru Haut Jarrons. Sante!

Pascale graciously shared her recipe of Scalloped Potato gratin, or “Gratin Dauphinois”, paired with Domaine du Prieure Les Grands Picotin. Yum !

Pierre-Francois & Julie at Domaine Capitain Gagnerot have been elected “Best wine makers of the year” by French winebook “Guide Hachette” 2021 edition. This is a well deserved recognition for a job well done, keeping the family tradition while working in Organic and biodynamic viticulture. We are so proud to be representing them in the USA! Bravo!!!

What is this week’s cellar treasure ? How about the 2007 Prieure Savigny blanc from Yvonne, Jean-Michel and Stephen Maurice ? Chiselled, fresh with a basket of white fruits was the flavour profile…

Daniela Sandri makes a delicious hand stuffed Raviolo which is a perninnial favourite in the Sandri household. She says’s it pairs beautifully with their etheral Langhe Nebbiolo.

I had the pleasure of an Instagram Live interview with none other than the distinguished Gina Lyons, tasting and evaluting the Champagne House of Marie Copinet Champagne…


Lucie, Stephen, Yvonne and Jean-Michel have brought in the bounty from harvest. The lieut-dit, ‘Narbatons‘ their sliver of ‘1er Cru Haut Jarrons‘ are in the background of the image.

Passed from Giovanni Sandri to Elio Sandri. These ancient fermentation tanks were cut into the hillside in Monforte decades ago. Temperature control through the cooling of mother earth.

Need an idea for a new dish? Marie-Lise Dorthe makes a scrumptious Carrot and Ginger soup, which pairs beautifully with her Domaine de Couron Marselan !

A joyous harvest at Capitain-Gagnerot



Viognier at Couron, the day before harvest.

Marie Copinet shared a video of the June 2020 bottling of her Champagnes:

Stephen Maurice at Domaine du Prieure shared with us his favorite recipe to pair with his Savigny Gollardes or Moutier Amet

Yvonne share her favorite pairing, Savigny blanc with Scallops in cream sauce.

Maryline and Olivier Dumaine shared a menu which pairs beautifully with their Crozes-Hermitage

Marie-Lise has shared one of her delicious recipes, one of which has certainly contributed to my weight gain in recent years: Fried Eggplant in tomato sauce.

After a day of working in the vineyards, Jean-Luc has plenty of energy to assist Marie-Lise to prepare one of his favorite dishes: Monkfish in terrine sauce with shrimp.

Marie Copinet shared a recipe for Chicken cooked in Champagne. Pares beautifully with her Extra Quality NV

Christelle of Domaine du Grangeon share the favorite dish in her household:Beef tartar with black olives and blueberry vinegar.

Bon Appetit!